single mommin’ it

Emmett and i have been on our own for about 5 days (including my 31st birthday!). When we are on our own, we take it very easy. We go grocery shopping, walk the dog, play in the yard, take baths and linger over breakfast. It’s lovely at the same time as it is a lot of work.

This morning we went grocery shopping with Molly & Oscar. Oscar is almost 1 year old and has the squishiest cheeks i’ve ever seen. I dearly hope that these boys know eachother for ever. There is something magical about having friends you’ve known since you were born. I’d love to take this same picture every year.

My mom comes to town today to help us out. So grateful that she could. No one helps you like your mom.

Portlandia For Christmas

Hey fellow traveler

Mama here. Currently nursing almost 14 month-old, sniffly Emmett and typing one handed. It is lambswool grey and drizzly here in my hometown of Portland, OR. The TV show is more spot-on than caricature. On this 10 day trip I’ve overheard such gems as “I’ve always wanted a jumpsuit” and “I mean, we are lucky to be very focused on grass-fed, certified organic, free-range, rural consumerism”. I love this town where i had my salad days, but i am deeply grateful to be living in sunny Austin, TX where tacos abound and people are living in a more casual swing.