Live from the Taconic State Parkway

We are driving through a downpour in my sister’s Subaru on the Taconic State Parkway. Last night we played in a corner of the Down the Road Cafe in the admissions building of Bard college. I first played this gig in the spring of 2006 thanks to my old camp friend, Rachel. When she booked me at her school it was the impetus for the crazy 6 month cross country tour that I naively embarked upon just before my 24th birthday. Now 7 years later, it’s a small bit of welcomed consistency. Funny.
Anyway, the road just started and Emmett is a champ. Poor kid has managed to still dance every time he hears music even though his sleep has been interrupted two nights in a row. After today’s drive through upstate New York and western Mass to the sweet farm we are playing in New Hampshire, Emmett will have been to over 25 states. It’s a bizarro life. I often wonder if he will remember any small dreamy fragments of this time. What stories will he tell his children? Hard to imagine your almost 18 month old baby as a grown man with his own children, but as everyone says and as I have experienced, it goes with the quickness of a mighty river. Life never stands still for even a breath.

Also, it’s just started to snow.

5 thoughts on “Live from the Taconic State Parkway

  1. I had the pleasure of meeting you two and your little guy at the Austin airport last week. Having just had 2 weeks with my grandson of the same age, I was struck how similar they were in everything from “baby sign language” to their joy of spotting airplanes and baggage trucks.
    I wouldn’t worry about him being on the road so much; children grow up in a variety of ways, but family is what shapes and guides them. And from what I saw Emmett is being shaped and guided by two loving and dedicated parents.
    Thank you for the CD…it’s beautiful. We’ll look for you in Chicago.

    • So glad you found us! We are always amazed at the kindness of people we meet while traveling. We are hoping to come to Chicago soon! We’d love to see you again. Thank you for letting Emmett play with your little car at the airport 🙂 be well!

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