Baby’s first haircut

We had oatmeal for breakfast. Cooked in our kitchen with food from our fridge. These are some of my small joys, after living in a car for the lion’s share of 5 years, even our tiny house is heavenly ours. We can leave the bed unmade. Leave the toys in the tub. Leave the dishes in the sink. It’s an incredible blessing to have a small part of the world in which to nest.
Emmett has my curly locks and my coloring. Other than that he’s a small replica of his daddy. It’s the sweetest thing to see them asleep next to eachother.
This morning we gave Emmett his first haircut. His little ringlets easily intertwine and form dreadlocks. I believe that to be or to not be a hippie is every person’s personal choice. He’s yet too young to be well informed enough to choose a life of Phish parking lots and bong hits. We will let him figure that our in his teens.
So trim his 14 month-old hair I did. In our front yard. Its almost spring in the hill country, gloriously closer to the equator than where i grew up.
Here’s a picture of pre haircut.


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