Hey hey folks!

My name is Andrew. I am the papa in this family who spends much of our time on the road.

I play bass. My main focus is playing bass with Raina and helping our band grow and develop. I also I spend a pretty sizable portion of my time on the road with different songwriters and bands.

Here are just a few of bands I play with in addition to Raina Rose:

Carrie Elkin
Sam Baker
Steve Poltz
Nancy & Beth
Anthony da Costa
The Bluegrass Outfit
Danny Malone
Rebecca Loebe
Elliott, Rose, da Costa

As well as many others.

I am on the road a lot. I love it. I see all kinds of beautiful places and meet tons of people. I play a lot of interesting gigs.

Expect to see posts from my travels and insights about how Raina, Emmett and I continue to figure out how to have a normal, close and supportive family while we’re out on the road together and apart.

Dig it!


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